Last year brought us a few difficult and sad moments, but no matter what, we managed to say to ourselves that this year will be ours and we will show the best from us! That’s what happened! Today, we want to share with all of you that we are chosen from 300 nominated and talented photographers to be one of the top 30 Rising Stars of Wedding photography of the world in 2018 by Rangefinder Magazine from New York.

If you maybe don’t know what is about, Rangefinder Magazine is prestige and leading magazine in the world for portrait and wedding photography which exists for 65 years. This is an important award that left a huge stamp on our work and filled our hearts. Standing by these great names and extremely talented photographers is a big honor for us. At this moment, there are no right words to describe these feelings and thoughts. We are so proud that this award is for the fourth year in a row in Croatia, and second year in a row, in our hometown, Osijek. This is a really great thing for our small town.

Lara, thank you for being here by my side. Big thanks for every advice and for your understanding, even in situations when I didn’t deserve any kind of it. Thanks a million for capturing every special photo and for your final touch to our work. Thank you for every moment spent with you in this job, for every kind word even in bad moments! And thank you for sharing this journey with me! You are my favorite photographer!

A special Thank you goes to our amazing clients and friends! You are the one who gave us the trust and the opportunity to be a part of your special days. You gave us the freedom to be creative and to show our unique style. Because of you, we’ve become what we are today. We are blessed to have amazing couples and great persons for our clients. Everything we do, we do it for your happiness and satisfaction. Thanks to all our followers for every like and comment, it means a lot to us. To be someone’s inspiration, it’s an everyday challenge to us. We are always here if you need our help or mentoring.

Big thank you goes to Emilie White for a nomination! Thank you, dear, there are no words to describe how much are we grateful to you! Rangefinder, thank you for choosing us! It an honor to be on your 30 Rising Stars list!

Also, we want to share some thoughts with you which we experienced through these two and a half years doing this job. If you find yourself different from others or if you maybe are not achieving, at that moment, what you want, please don’t give up! Great things take time. Be patient and never stop doing what you love. Every day does something you like, don’t stop working on what you want to become. Obstacles exist only in our heads. It will not fetter you if you don’t let it! And an important thing, don’t worry about other people’s opinions. Only you know what is right for you. The best things are maybe next to you, don’t let them run away while you are longing for something far away.

This job has taught us the most! It gave us so much life experience, but this is just a beginning for us. It changed us as persons. We grow every day, our love grows every day and that is what we cherish the most! This adventure is going on and we can’t wait for our next season!

In the end, it’s not important which photographer is on the 30 Rising Stars list! Only what is important is that you left your imprint in art. Art is only what is important. You left an imprint in photography as an art in your country, that is a huge success. Enjoy every day, because you have the time of your lives right now! We want to congrats to all who are on this list for 2018. You really deserved it!

With love,