The charm of European capitals is mostly those hidden and mystical parts of the city, such as old salon apartments, houses, and facades with interesting architecture. It is this story that has such a beginning. Photographing Josipa and Dino and capturing their emotions in a building that hides many secrets spiced up this story that day from the beginning interesting.

The moments I captured in the apartment where we ended up accidentally seemed like a movie. It was like everything had a 60s atmosphere, even though we were far from it. Large hallways and lounge rooms with details like the Wassily chair by renowned architect Marcel Breuer kept us going even longer than we had planned. After leaving the apartment and the house building, we headed to Atelier Meštrović, an excellent location for couples for spring days, especially for fans of minimalism, sculpture, and simple colors. The outfits of Josipa and Dino matched the places and their character perfectly. Simple and friendly, they finished this photo shoot on the streets of the upper city in Zagreb. If the road takes you to Zagreb, it is a personal recommendation to visit the gallery of Ivan Meštrović and the entire Atelier.

I’m happy that we turned one sunny day in Zagreb into this story. I’m looking forward to new gatherings with these people, and I can’t wait for the party next year! Until then, read my previous stories!