The micro wedding we all desire!” New now “and all the changes it brings to the very center of attention with the incredible power of transformation has put the wedding segment. The lengthy and secretly coveted micro weddings have become the “new normal “in the most positive sense. Love and the desire for the community are the foundation of human nature, and as such, love and connection cannot stop even when everything around us stops. The various limitations that life puts before us continually transform creative needs and desires into fantastic ideas and realizations.

Several kindred minds and creatives gathered around a beautiful idea and project called The Art of Small Gatherings, whose originator was Marcela Ban. In front of a well-known Dubrovnik agency with many years of experience – D’Inspiration weddings. The idea was born to start such weddings in beautiful Zagreb, which is currently crying out for such micro-locations that have been carefully selected and designed down to the last detail.

The choice of the first micro-location, among a series of ideas, gave rise to the Dome (Kupola) idea at number 32, which has been imperceptibly adorning Petrova Street for years. The owners, the Vučetić family, originally adapted it for accommodation. Space gets a new role due to a combination of the new circumstances. The Dome is a real little treat for newly discovered locations for micro-events with its unique, round shape and wooden vault.

We chose the Dome because it symbolized everything that Zagreb went through in the past year. The location itself called for the idea of ​​transformation, togetherness, awakening, and new values. Just as the Art of Small Gatherings concept represents.

Socializing, a smile on the face without a mask, a hug without equivocation and fear, top quality food, beautifully conceived space that is thought through the “Fine art” concept. Fragrant floral installations, an environment where we are entirely our own with our loved ones, what we all was missing.

Micro weddings have the concept of closeness and choice of the closest people. The luxury of details and moments, and the emotion transmitted fill the whole space. A sensation in terms of design and concept of all elements rounded off with “Fine art” details.

The micro wedding design and visual identity in the Dome (Kupola, Petrova 32, Zagreb) signed Maja Starek behind the “Showroom design and events” team. Through the “Fine art” approach to the design of micro weddings in Dome 32. Tradition and heritage have merged into an interior enriched with a refined floral style that creates an atmosphere of lightness, thoughtfulness, and peace. In addition to the “Fine art” approach in terms of design, an authentic approach in choosing the texture, stylish formation of flowers, and an atmosphere that invites enjoyment in every moment and every detail that is in the guests’ focus was also important. Through the choice of food and music, an attempt is made to achieve an authentic atmosphere that deeply knows the wishes and needs of the guest and clients.

Tomislav Marcijuš beautifully transferred the photo accompanying the entire authentic story of this “Fine Art” wedding into the moment’s atmosphere. His approach and experience give photographs a unique sensibility. That is why he fits in perfectly and conceptually with the idea of ​​a micro-fine art wedding where emotions and the art of the moment come to the fore.


Project vision & planning:  Dubrovnik Wedding Inspiration & The Art of Small Gatherings, Fine Art design and flowers:  Showroom Design and Events by Maja Starek, Venues: Croatian Institute of History & Kupola 32, Photo:  Marcijuš Studio, Video: Rene Batista Videography, Light: Smash Light Weddings, Jewelry:  Zaks Hrvatska, Hair jewelry: Perlet, Bridal Wedding outfit: Envy Room, Suit:  Varteks, Models: Mihaela Harambašić and Luka from IM Studio Models Croatia, Hair: Hairvetica, MUA: Lidija Palić