I grew up in the eastern part of Croatia, outside the city, in a small village near Osijek. Growing up in the countryside is different, slower and with another kind of energy. It seems more melancholy than the city. I thought it was boring in the country for years, but now that I am more mature, I realize that it is part of my inspiration, every photo, a film roll, and forever be a part of me. Village left a dose of nostalgia and unknown sensibility in each of my photos.

Inspired by the rural lifestyle, I decided to combine rustic features with a modern look that contrasts with the background, place, and location. In my work, I often like to show how nice it is to connect the incompatible. It’s all a matter of perception and how you want to portray something.

Simple colors like white and beige, natural make-up, messy and straightforward hairstyle, simple dresses of light materials, and minimal decoration were the main thread to tell this story through photos. I love painting, and it’s one of the branches of art that I follow, and I sometimes associate it with my projects.

Henry Matisse and his pencil works inspired the details, design, and decoration. I tried to fit the table details with the lines drawings on the invitation and menu, and everything fits with one of the outfits of the model. Beige and white tones fit into the color palette of fields and rural landscapes, and another inspiration was the film Days of Heaven by Terrence Malick.