Tomislav Marcijuš is, Internationally awarded photographer based in Croatia. Contemporary and documentary photographer was born in Osijek in 1990. After graduating from the Construction School, he experimented with film and analog cameras. After five years, his hobby turned into a business, and he launched his brand, Marcijuš Weddings. As a creative person, he photographs digitally and on film. Analog photography made it possible to discover his style and apply it to weddings and other types of photography.

My love for art led me to an artistic and creative way to document your special day. I wish to show weddings worldwide in my way and how I see them through digital and analog photography. I have had the opportunity to photograph in England, Spain, USA, Italy, Portugal, France, Greece and neighboring countries. I'm a photographer who loves spontaneity, creative focus, black-and-white photography, and emotions. I also love music, festivals, and concerts, literature! I love traveling and exploring not-popular parts of the cities, making me happier and richer. I always use them for travel if I have a few days off. Also, I like to dedicate myself to Lara and our time.


I live in Eastern Europe, which brings everyday nostalgia and melancholy. My photographs couldn't have avoided it in an elegant, timeless, and dreamy style. My style has been built up throughout these last years by various artists in cinematography, painting, photography, music, and Croatian modern art. I'm trying to make it even more delicate by shooting at dawn or dusk with the cadre and shadows game. Sometimes, I combine analog photography, direct flash moments, and mobile videos. I'm a vast admirer of motion photos and black-and-white that emphasize elegance throughout the story. 


Wedding photography brought me a lot of life experience. It teaches me how to struggle with unpredictable situations and be happy with what I have every day. This is something wonderful and memorable for me. It convinced me that only hard work accomplishes dreams and that boundaries exist only in our minds. I have learned that I need to be the wind in each other’s sails. With that, we become stronger. Focus only on your path, and there will be no obstacles and negative things. When you look at the world that way, everything you make is a piece of art that will find its way to the observer and stay forever in his mind as something the most beautiful. That is the wealth that no one can ever take away from you.


I'm a "one-man" band. Sometimes, my fiancé, Lara, is a second shooter when possible, or some of my colleagues from other photography industries. I don't make videos, but I work with several videographers, and you can feel free to ask me for recommendations.


The ambiance in which I live became my main inspiration and challenge. My style has been built up also by various artists in movies, painting, music, and books. The greatest inspiration comes from the work of Andrei Tarkovsky and Wong Kar Wai and their movies like "The Mirror," "Nostalgia," "Happy Together," and "In the Mood for Love." I see my life in these movies and the emotions that I convey in my photographs. My way of thinking and creating was influenced by Croatian modern art and by various artists and art groups from the Balkans. In the last few years, following their works and books, I have learned that the process is more important than the result. The process is the only important thing when you are an artist. It is always interesting to follow the transformation of your work. When you have a result, it’s the end. Like everyone else, I have some of my favorite photographers. Still, they are not from the wedding industry like Ernst Haas, Inge Morath, Dora Maar, Luigi Ghirri, Man Ray, and many others.