We never know what will happen tomorrow, even the next hour. The time we have is priceless, and we need to make good use of it and dedicate ourselves. This year has made it possible for us several times. My fiance and I were supposed to get married in May this year and finally have our wedding photos. However, none of that happened. After that, we moved the date to next year. In 2019, I talked about shooting in Paris, London, Munich, Budapest, and maybe America. Unfortunately, we couldn’t realize it.

Earlier this year, I got the message that I would be a part of the famous “Imagine Nation” exhibition in Paris with the series “City of Wellness.” I wanted to do a photo exhibition in my hometown, representing my wedding brand’s fifth year, somehow I needed to postpone it for better days. As a result, the show didn’t happen, of course. What happened this year is this photo gallery, my 30th birthday that no one could cancel, more experienced and indestructible creativity.

Some of you may not have the focus or patience to look at all the photos, but I would appreciate it if you checked it until the end. All the people in these photos create one chapter, and I want to round off this year with that! I wouldn’t like to highlight anyone. I have tried to put everything into one story with one path. These photos are the main thing in this story. Because of this, I had a feeling like everything was fine and that life was going typically. Thank you so much for this experience! I managed to be positive and calm in my head throughout this period without any doubt.

Our rhythm is sometimes too fast, and we don’t experience all of our photos, moments, and details around us. This year I learned that a personal photo archive is the best thing. Some images are timeless, and the library is all you have if the business stops due to unforeseen situations. This year, I have had the opportunity to work more on personal work, which is very important. It best describes my artist statement. I managed to keep a balance between everything I did. Many magazines that promote visual arts and contemporary photography supported my projects for the first time. A lot of beautiful moments this year. I learned that if your city is the only place and choice for photographing, you become aware of it. Everything you’ve seen before in your town has an entirely different look and dimension. It’s like becoming a new city.

With all the details that made this year richer, I expanded my business and, after five years, changed the brand name to Marcijuš Studio, which includes much more. But wedding photography is the main thing about this brand. Every day this year means a lot to me because nothing managed to stop me. I didn’t let anything overcome me! I wanted to work and fight with all the difficult situations we were surrounded by daily. Playing a sport in the past, I got that competitive spirit and desire to fight during the training period. There is no giving up, and nothing can stand in your way if you do not allow it. Life is just a state of your mind and never forget it. Let it always guide you. Whatever happens in the world and around you, it will be the way you make it yourself.

This year, one news is that my work has been recognized by the famous Russian site Top 15 Moscow, which nicely presents my work, and we have a great collaboration. At one point, I thought it was some new beginning because the style introduced on that website is refreshing for me, and I like elegant and intimate weddings with fashion touches. Working on my project, I didn’t follow much of what was happening in the wedding industry. But I must admit that I didn’t miss it. I will say: Try to be as original and honest as possible. My friend Marko Dukić has been a great help throughout this year, and I must not forget to write that. Thank you for every photo you’ve captured.

After all, I can proudly say that the fifth season is finally complete. According to that, I’m very grateful that you were all part of my journey in 2020. I’m hanging out with some next year, too, and can’t wait to do nice things again. Creativity is indestructible, and with that comes optimism and even greater self-confidence for the coming months and couples. Something to admit it, I needed this year, and I don’t regret anything. This year has helped me not to lose focus. I had the opportunity to review everything I have ever made and take a little break. Be careful, care for your loved ones, and all the best for the upcoming holidays. 2021, see you soon!