Elopement in Tuscany, spring, Florence, just the three of us, and a thousand smiles and happiness. But it's always fascinating what can be hidden behind all that. 

These photos already mean a lot to me at this moment because, of this day, I again experienced new things that I haven't experienced in the last eight years. And again, I learned a lot! Some of you may have seen the stories I shared on Instagram and how difficult my situation was when traveling from Osijek to Florence. Due to a system failure, all flights in Munich were canceled on the day of the flight. Due to the strike planned for the next two days in Germany, you had the one option to leave the country, only if someone took you in a private car to a place outside of Germany where you could reach your destinations. 2,500 people were waiting in line at the airport; all the tickets were sold out, all the cars were almost rented, and there was no option to leave Germany that evening or the next two days, which was complicated for me. My option was for my wife's friend, who lives in Munich, to take me to Trento, the first Italian city from which I had a train to Florence (and which also broke down on the way between Bologna and Florence). A really crazy adventure.

It was my first bad experience with flights and airports, but thanks to my friends and wife, I got to Florence in time to make this couple happy. They didn't know anything because I believed I would come and everything would be fine. As a destination photographer, I know such a thing can happen. And if it happens, the first thing you need to do is stay calm. And always appreciate close people and friends around you! Because sometimes they are the only ones who can help you! Big thanks to my wife, Lara, and Ivana! 

After all, these photos are special to me, and if you look at Megan and Benn and their story through the photos, you wouldn't feel how hard it was for me at certain moments! Everyone, thanks for all!