The time is fascinating, and we never have enough of it. Every year passes very quickly, no matter what. The year looked nicer than last 2020, but I don’t know how to describe this year best. Nothing terrible happened, there were exciting trips, beautiful things in personal work, new acquaintances, but it left something undefined in me. I have written several times about how personal work is significant because it helps me achieve harmony in creation. 

All my photos are interconnected, and one type of work cannot exclude another. For this reason, I am working on this story where for the first time, I will try to unite everything I have done this year and make it one meaningful whole. This post will include digital and analog photos.

Through 2021, many important things happened for the work that showed me that what I am doing is good and that I have no more doubts in myself. I had the opportunity to exhibit at four overseas group exhibitions in Orlando, Trieste, Budapest, and Paris. As the last destination this year, Paris was the best experience for my work where I finally felt that is why all the famous artists went to that city and created their works. It has an atmosphere I can’t describe to you in these few sentences. I would love to talk about it live once. I’ve done 50,000km in my car across Europe, and some of the photos I took this year have traveled the world. My first Zine with private photos is also an excellent detail of this year’s adventure. Now is the time to rest for a moment.

The unfamiliar feeling and energy I had this year while working are why I have noticed how little time I leave to myself throughout this year. I somehow neglected the life I had before, which shaped me as a photographer. I can’t say I’m tired, but I’d love to step back a little. Sometimes it’s essential for an artist and people who do similar things.

Sometimes we have to be alone and in silence; research and work without expressly sharing our social media content. It would be best if you heard yourself. Every minute I’ve invested in social media and everything related to work, I want to focus on other things during this break. I also want to find harmony in my way of life, as I have succeeded in my work. Also, I want to complete a significant private project called “Baranja Dreaming,” which requires complete concentration and privacy. I do not want to focus part of my energy on other things. After Christmas, I leave for four months and go back to spring when everything starts again. Somehow, I feel that this break will bring good things. I have a good feeling.

Lara and I became husband and wife, amazing! My friends always told me that I would be the last person to marry because of my hectic lifestyle, but everyone was wrong. It is the day that lights up this year and the day we rounded out all the beautiful things we have been creating for years. I want to enjoy this marriage as much as I. Thank you all for your kind wishes, and thank you to all the clients I have worked with this year. I also want to thank my small circle of people I love without whom this year would not look the same.

I want to greet you all and promise you now a crazy season that starts in four months. I’m going to be even better! I will not disappoint you. Follow my work on my website and see you in Spring!

While you’re scrolling, let yourself play some songs from the Spotify playlist that I’ve been listening to through 50,000 kilometers this year.