Among many Wedding trends, there are ones, which in their uniqueness, become timeless. Like this Micro Wedding in Stonemason School.

With the restrictions that the world has been affected by, Weddings, parties, and life celebrations have become a good craving. A desire to create something that would fit into the new typical frame and yet be entirely original forced the Wedding industry professionals into a space of creative challenges where one moves the borders of the known.

The Island of Brač is known for its amazing picturesque beaches, small adorable fishing villages, untouched nature, and ancient olive groves. It is also widely known as an island where the perfect white stone. The Brač stone is one of the greatest treasures of Croatia. Some of the most massive monuments, such as Diocletian’s Palace in Split. Many churches and palaces throughout Dalmatia, were created from this white stone. However, in the world, Brač is a very famous stone. The lobby of the United Nations building in New York is designed with this stone. The story is that the parts of the White House in Washington are also built by high-quality stone, but there is no credible evidence for this.

The island is rich with this high-quality stone that has resulted in whole families of stonemasons. The stonemason school in Pučišća, as the only stonemason school in Croatia, is a majestic building. The entrance of the school is a piece of Art to start with the whole story. What one can find inside are masterpieces in making that take a year, five, ten, fifty-some, even over a hundred years to finish the Art.

A person who lives and breaths architecture and is a fantastic wedding photographer whose story about this school in Pučišća has triggered creativeness and urge to make this project alive is Tomislav Marcijuš. An internationally awarded and contemporary photographer who had filmed at the Stonemasons school before and had a vision of Art like Wedding taking place exactly there.

Teaming up with Croatian brands, the local community. A pool of unique, creative Wedding industry professionals who have recognized the significance of this story has resulted in one powerful micro Art Fairy tale!

As a getting-ready site, we have used the heritage venue with a historical tale. The Putues palace is a small impeccable boutique hotel located at the heart of Pučišća. The venue added value to the whole Wedding story with its luxurious comfort for many options.

Quarry located at the peak of the bay, with vast stone cuts, dusty, off-white, colored flooring with small water pools and clear skies reflecting upon, have made the perfect ceremony venue. A known family of stonemasons from the island of Brac. Jaksic’s Art sculpture was symbolically used to hold the Wedding rings.

The Stonemason workshop, the venue where the dinner reception was taking place, was elegantly dressed up by Maja Starek from Showroom. We did not want to change the school interior too much. It as such is enough to emphasize the beauty and significance of the stone and works created by the students of the school. We combined local plants for floral decoration to complete the story. The details on the table, which are the work of the Jaksic family, gave a unique and final touch to this story. The combination of colors that ran through this micro wedding is white, beige, and generally stone tones.

The whole foundation of this Among many Wedding trends, there are ones, which in their uniqueness, become timeless. This Micro Wedding in Stonemason School was the Art and Art like approach; therefore, we have started protecting rights for this type of wedding to become an original Croatian brand.


Photography Tomislav Marcijuš (Marcijuš Studio), Models: Irena Božić & Fran Burjan, Videography: Bruno Bilonić, MUA: Kate Ramić, Getting ready venue: Puteus Palace, Ceremony venue: Jadrankamen Pučišća, Reception venue: Stonemason School Pučišća, Jewelry: Kragrlica, Wedding dresses: eNVy room, Men’s silk scarf: Art Go’Den_Dubrovnik, Wedding jewelry: Zlatarna Koci, Wedding Shoes: Ledenko Shoes Official, Wedding hat: Hats by Kobali, The Fine Art design & flowers: Showroom Design and Events, The Head Chef: Darjan Urdih, Stone details, and rings: Jaksic Gallery, Lights: Mediarent, Wedding planning & coordination: The Art of Small GatheringsDubrovnik Wedding Inspiration