A few years ago, I wanted to travel most of the world with my cameras. I wanted to make a living from photography because I found myself best in that visual art. And that's all here now. Sometimes, I stop for a moment and wonder if I have enjoyed myself enough over the years and observed my process and progress correctly. Sometimes I'm not sure about that. But I try to work on it more every year and study my path and creation. Beautiful things happen without us being aware of them at some point. That's why we must enjoy the moment and be grateful for everything.

This blog page conveys everything that happened to me as a destination wedding photographer, which could be exciting and useful for followers and other photographers. This and other blog posts are primarily about gaining life experience and overcoming unpredictable situations because, like any other job, this one is also not always perfect, and there are things for which you have to make decisions quickly and manage. This post is one of those stories.

Breanna and Caleb are great photographers and beautiful people from San Jose, California. They contacted me through a recommendation from another California photographer. They gave me the opportunity to photograph their wedding on the other side of the world. I was just aware of this a few hours before the trip. Somehow everything was unknown to me, and I kept telling myself that it was unreal how far I could go with my work. 

A few days before the trip, we were reading about a storm that started in California. It rained non-stop for several weeks, which is not the norm for that part of America. The weather calmed down over the next few days, but rain greeted us. The accommodation we had was adorable, a quiet part of San Francisco. After Breanna and Caleb welcomed us, we went with them to capture the beautiful Golden Gate view and guide us around the city. We fell asleep, hoping that everything would be fine and that we would rest. The rain that fell has not fallen so much in the last 100 years (unbelievable). Our accommodation suffered, it started to leak, and the following day we had to look for another accommodation and move to a safer place. Although you have various online services, it is something you did not hope for. These are some situations where you have to be calm to react correctly. Also, it can be projected onto your work, and you don't want that because you want your clients to get what you present.

When the wedding day arrived, we were lucky that everything went well and had beautiful weather. We managed to create beautiful memories! I believe that we captured love and happiness on the other side of the world in our way. We will remember that day forever. I am happy that I could share this with Lara as well. We spent seven unforgettable days in America! When I returned home, I received another message in which the clients confirmed my engagement, and at the end of the year, I'm returning to America again, but this time to Texas; I'm looking forward to it, and I can't wait! Enjoy the photos!